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Art of Fight, Fight of Art. OSU!
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K' collab by Kaida-Kirei K' collab :iconkaida-kirei:Kaida-Kirei 3 6 Happy birthday Ralf by Kaida-Kirei Happy birthday Ralf :iconkaida-kirei:Kaida-Kirei 6 12 Collab: Shen Woo and Ash by Kaida-Kirei Collab: Shen Woo and Ash :iconkaida-kirei:Kaida-Kirei 7 16 Collab: The light of the moon by Kaida-Kirei Collab: The light of the moon :iconkaida-kirei:Kaida-Kirei 12 20
The Lochard mansion Ep3
Chris: Well, I think it's still a whole new world out there! The official siblings are here tonight...
Ryoichi, Misaki, Kaze and......! Felix.
*Misaki runs out from the back stage with Ryoichi barely chasing after her, holding a huge piece of
meat in his arm. Misaki jumps up continuously waving at everyone and then she calls to her
brother as she sits down. Ryoichi runs over to her and scolds her as he sits next to her and starts
eating. Felix, wearing a simple black t-shirt, blue jeans, and brown boots, walks in to take his seat.
Kaze follows, still wearing her school uniform with a blue hoodie over it, grey leggings, and some
dress shoes.*
Chris: Well... *clears his throat* Hello, you four!
Misaki: Oniisan! That's so impolite! Put that away...!
Kaze: Hi Chris! So good to see you again!
Felix: Hey Chris, how's it been?
Ryoichi: *His mouth barely full* What?
Chris: I think it's been all right.
Felix: Haha... Good one.
Misaki: Sir, who are you? Where is this place?
Chris: This place? It
:iconkaida-kirei:Kaida-Kirei 2 19
Collab: Girls' night out by Kaida-Kirei Collab: Girls' night out :iconkaida-kirei:Kaida-Kirei 6 28 Lady Karate by Kaida-Kirei Lady Karate :iconkaida-kirei:Kaida-Kirei 2 20 Ryo and Kaida collab: Hold me by Kaida-Kirei Ryo and Kaida collab: Hold me :iconkaida-kirei:Kaida-Kirei 4 41 Something is missing by Kaida-Kirei Something is missing :iconkaida-kirei:Kaida-Kirei 3 14 Uh-Oh Yuri by Kaida-Kirei Uh-Oh Yuri :iconkaida-kirei:Kaida-Kirei 13 36 Ryo KOF '96 sketch by Kaida-Kirei Ryo KOF '96 sketch :iconkaida-kirei:Kaida-Kirei 9 7 Kaori's Duo Lon colored by Kaida-Kirei Kaori's Duo Lon colored :iconkaida-kirei:Kaida-Kirei 9 14 Kyokugen Love brownies by Kaida-Kirei Kyokugen Love brownies :iconkaida-kirei:Kaida-Kirei 2 22
Ethan and Estee
*Chris comes onto the stage to sit at his desk and sees Estee and Ethan already sitting in their chairs. He's shocked.*
Chris: Well, this is of very short notice, seeing you two on here before I could call you out... Estee, um... how've you been, little lady?
Estee: Chris, how are yooooou? I feel great! *Plays with her hair as it blindingly shines in the stage light*
Chris: *Looks at Ethan and Estee together* They say there are people exactly like us in some other parts of the world... And so when they say it's a small world we live in, that proves it.
Ethan: *Hums a song*
Estee: *Takes a second look at Ethan* Oh my god, I love your outfit!!!!!!!!!
Ethan: Teeheehee, thanks honey! I like it too. I don't think it'd look that bad on you either...
Estee: Oh, thank yoooooou! Maybe we should go shopping!!!
Chris: *Holding his ears* I wish Adair took this one...
Ethan: Hehe, shopping eh? Where at?
Estee: I'd like to start with Mandee and JC Penny!
Chris: Maybe it's better that she isn't here.
:iconkaida-kirei:Kaida-Kirei 1 7
Kyokugen: 9 month anniversary by Kaida-Kirei Kyokugen: 9 month anniversary :iconkaida-kirei:Kaida-Kirei 20 29
Kyokugen Love- part1
Chris: Well, Adair is out shopping and now those of true Kyokugen are invited to tonight's show. As well as those inspired by it... this will damn well be a good one. Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia... *pauses* No applause, please... *clears throat* Aisuruki Kirei and Arazine-Rosina Rosette. Watch out... here they come!
*Aisuruki comes out from the back fixing her dark red gi, while straightening her hair. Arazine has a smirk on her face while wearing a sleeveless, white/blue striped collar shirt and a ruffled white skirt to match. Aisuruki smiles nervously as she sits down while Arazine gracefully takes her seat.
Next, Ryo & Robert come in. Robert puts on a big smile and waves at the camera, while Ryo tucks his head between his shoulders. They reach their seats. They stand up straight and simultaneously give their signature "Osus" to the others. They sit.*
Chris: The dragon! The tiger! What an honor! I'm your host, Chris Lochard... and won't you lovely ladies introduce yourselves? *He smi
:iconkaida-kirei:Kaida-Kirei 3 32
I'm very dedicated towards what I do and very serious about it while I enjoy it to the fullest.
Because doing what you love with the people you love keeps the heart in motion.
That's what this gallery is all about.

Random Favourites

Custom KOF XIII Team by KainStormwolf Custom KOF XIII Team :iconkainstormwolf:KainStormwolf 7 2 UFS : Nightmare Geese by hendryzero UFS : Nightmare Geese :iconhendryzero:hendryzero 253 84 Kaze close up - line art by ChopnScrew Kaze close up - line art :iconchopnscrew:ChopnScrew 1 6 Symbol of Change by ChopnScrew Symbol of Change :iconchopnscrew:ChopnScrew 9 27 I Say Goddamn by ImmaRobotYo I Say Goddamn :iconimmarobotyo:ImmaRobotYo 13 60 Mr. Really Serious Karate by TheArtributor Mr. Really Serious Karate :icontheartributor:TheArtributor 18 38 Chris N' Cast by ChopnScrew Chris N' Cast :iconchopnscrew:ChopnScrew 5 42 Ryo in Maximum impact 2 intro by RaYandKati Ryo in Maximum impact 2 intro :iconrayandkati:RaYandKati 6 12 Collab: KOF OC Girls Lineart by ImmaRobotYo Collab: KOF OC Girls Lineart :iconimmarobotyo:ImmaRobotYo 6 113
Felix - Bio
Full name: Felix Kamida Trane
Birth date: October 4, 27 years old
Ethnicity: Caucasian-German
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
Height: 5' 11"
Orientation: Straight
Family/Relatives: Kaze Trane (half-sister), Sarah Kamida (mother, deceased), Bruce Trane (step-father), Keith Kamida (new father, deceased)
Job/Occupation: Mechanic, construction
Likes: His self-repaired 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang, movies, his home, his sister,
Dislikes: High-tech gadgets, gangsters/violent people, cockroaches
Hobbies: Fixing vehicles, chess, gambling, cooking, meditating
Favorite food: Steak
Favorite sport: Rock climbing, karate
Favorite music: Soft rock, hip-hop
Personality: Felix is an honest, hard-working man. He believes he can escape his past by doing good in life. At his childhood, he lived a mostly harmonious life. He had a loving mother and father; an overall healthy lifestyle. His father thought him karate at the ag
:iconchopnscrew:ChopnScrew 1 19
Kaze - Bio
Full name: Aki "Kaze"  Kamida Trane
Birth date: January 10, 20 years old
Ethnicity: Caucasian-Japanese
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Anchorage, Alaska
Height: 5' 4"
Orientation: Straight
Family/Relatives: Felix Trane (half-brother), Sarah Kamida (mother, deceased), Keith Kamida (father, deceased)
Job/Occupation: Magician's assistant, student, baby-sitter
Likes: Food, music, clothing, video games, magic, travel
Dislikes: The scars on her legs, school, being called "stupid"
Hobbies: Learning magic, cooking, buying new clothes, drawing, playing games
Favorite food: Meats
Favorite sport: Baseball
Favorite music: R&B, Electronica
Personality: Kaze (pronounced KAY-hz) is a care-free young woman. She is very optimistic about life and enjoys it to the fullest. Having been raised with young boys and by men all her life, she developed a tomboy-ish personality. She likes things most young women her age would fi
:iconchopnscrew:ChopnScrew 2 22
Chillin' by ChopnScrew Chillin' :iconchopnscrew:ChopnScrew 15 22 Collab: AisurukiXRyo Lineart by ImmaRobotYo Collab: AisurukiXRyo Lineart :iconimmarobotyo:ImmaRobotYo 2 74 Mass Effect Romance Fail by macawnivore
Mature content
Mass Effect Romance Fail :iconmacawnivore:macawnivore 2,370 567
Mass Effect - Awkward by PhoenixFuryBane Mass Effect - Awkward :iconphoenixfurybane:PhoenixFuryBane 1,790 328 The Cool Cats of Mass Effect by aimo The Cool Cats of Mass Effect :iconaimo:aimo 2,257 214
Most of my favorites are separated into their own folders depending on the character or category. I figured it would be more organized that way.
Also, if anyone is interested, there are side comments about the characters/people that are in those folders if you'd like to read them.



:iconashcrimson-fanclub: :iconkyokugenryu-dojo:



United States
I originally made this account to attract KOF fans and make them happy with lots of appreciation for the series.
Other accounts:

I couldn't ask for more with what I do, why I'm here and the people and experiences I've had and continue to have here.

Favourite genre of music: Pops, game, Electronica
Favourite style of art: Drawing & coloring, trace-sketching, framing, image-enhancing
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: SanDisk Sansa
Skin of choice: Dragon skin
Personal Quote: "Doing what you love keeps the heart in motion"
...Shall remain HERE.
So I've officially made up my mind, after ChopnScrew made his suggestion about me not "adding" to this account, I did a lot of extra thinking and decided to leave it as it is; the account of my career as the legendary Lady Karate.
A lot of pure memories, love, passion and dedication was put into the work on this account.
I met the love of life on this account.
It is, indeed, a memorial, as he said.

If anyone still watching me here wants to watch my current/additional stuff, have a look at my other ones; Sailfin-Dragon, EliteLady975 and Akurei-Enjeru.

I'd like to thank you all out there for having faith in me and admiring my work, and I want to thank the man who made it all possible. I would not be who I am today, or who I was then had it not been for him.
I know I had not done ANY KOF/Kyokugen work in a LONG TIME now, but I NEVER, EVER lose sight of it in my heart, the beauty of it all, and the people I've met through it, and the adventures I've had with them. It all still means so much to this day.
Thank you again.


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